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A great and exciting news for online gaming and fantasy E-sports lovers. Betting, wagering and gambling has been recognised as legal activities through changes in the goods and services tax laws in India that is Bharat.

So lotusbook247.info offers all online gaming lovers the opportunity to come forward and put your skills into practice and maximize your chances of winning bumper prize money.

Come online and play your favourite casino game in live casino, IPL, domestic and international football, tennis or indulge in your passion for car and horse races.

Our technical tips and insights into the data help you as a gamer to increase odds in your favour in the game or fantasy sport of your choice.

Repeat betting with the winning amount as there will be no taxes on bets you place with the winning amount.

Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and other popular casino games are on offer.

How to get Sign-up with Lotus Book 247 ?

You can get LotusBook247 ID by following three easy Steps -

  • 1. Come on lotusbook247.info
  • 2. Click on ‘GET your online ID’ and write you WhatsApp number.
  • 3. Click submit for an ID. This ID is your access to world class gaming and live casino from your place.

We adhere legally to the data protection laws of the land. The simple data you share is protected under the data protection laws and the data is only for helping you access online games and betting processes. Under no circumstances, the data is shared with any third party.

Why Lotus Book 247 ?


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Lotusbook247.info operates within the framework of goods and services regime that has been put in place for online games, and online betting. Adheres to all taxation and legal provisions of the land regarding online gaming and betting.

Lotus offers virtual lockers for deposits which remain under the control of the gamer. Withdraw money whenever you like without any question asked. Withdraw the winning amount within 24 hours. Technical guidance during play online for any technical or other issue.

Strong anti-harassment measures to ensure a safe gaming environment for female gamers. Grievance and redressal mechanism to resolve any issue with stipulated time.

Games you can play @ Lotus Book 247

cricket betting

The latest trend is gamers create their own virtual teams of IPL players and play against real teams. The performance of real players is matched with virtual teams to measure success of a gamer’s team. Gamers' own knowledge plus technical tips from lotus enhances the value of betting by gamers.

Tennis betting

Every major international tennis tournament including four Grand slams are put in place as online games and betting for tennis lovers to extract maximum from their knowledge and insights.

football betting

World cup qualifying matches have started and so are the new cash rich leagues in Saudi Arabia, this offers you an opportunity to bet on favourite teams and clubs through the lotus platform. Get rewards through your betting and wagering as teams compete on ground.

casino betting

All popular and exciting casino games are on offer for your wagering, like slots, table games and jackpots, roulette, etc. So that our players get a fair deal in online betting. Lotus constantly brings the best in the world in terms of technology and games to gamers.

live casino betting
Live Casino

Live casino takes you to the real casino action performed by a human dealer in a real casino. You place your bet online to win big and experience the same thrill and ambience as if in a real casino.


How to withdrawal winning amount?

Withdrawal facility is on offer through PAYTM, PHONEPE, GOOGLE PAY OR BANK ACCOUNT. Withdrawal timings are 11am to 11pm daily. Same day, day you win or deposit, withdrawal is not possible.

Can I withdraw my money without contacting my bookie?

No, you must have to contact your bookie to withdraw and deposit money.

What is the official site of LotusBook247?

The official URL of LotubBook247 is lotusbook247.com

How I contact my bookie?

You can contact your bookie by WhatsApp number.

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Lotus Book 247 offers legitimize betting and wagering online games with a fair and secure environment for males and females gamers above 18 years of age. Get handsome bonus and referral prizes. Just create an ID through simple steps on lotusbook247 to access the world of online games and sports.

Our 247 customer help resolves your queries in real-time so that there is no hiccup in your joy of betting online. Visit our site, get your lotusbook247 ID and use the online game betting skills.